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Description:  With financial reform clearing Congress, the Fed has emerged as perhaps the pre-eminent financial regulator, but that could only bring it added blame if things go wrong again. Jon Hilsenrath, Evan Newmark and Kelly Evans discuss. Also, Jennifer Valentino-DeVries discusses Apple’s options ahead of its anticipated press conference on the troubled iPhone-4.

Source: – video report

Date: 07/16/2010


Questions for discussion: 

  • What do you think about the financial reforms legislation that was passed?
  • Do you agree with the comment related to the greater focus on the Federal Reserve as the responsible authority for financial crises in the future?
  • How different will that responsibility be in comparison to the past?
  • Has investor confidence been increased with this legislation?
  • As for the story on Apple, do you think the drop in share value is warranted?
  • Do you think the problem has significantly affected Apple’s cash flow?

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