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Description: DAVID CAMERON, the British prime minister, was in Brussels meeting the press last October when he took a few moments to make fun of the British Broadcasting Corporation. “Good to see that costs are being controlled everywhere,” Mr. Cameron said as he directed a mocking glance at three BBC correspondents, each from a different BBC program, covering his news conference. The implication: Considering that the BBC has agreed to freeze most of its public funding for six years, effectively sentencing itself to a 16 percent budget cut through 2017, it surely could have looked harder at its staffing needs for the event.


Date: 04/23/2011


Questions for discussion:

  • How should government approach the financing of public bodies, like the BBC?
  • Would a public/private arrangement be better than the current structure?
  • Which financial metrics should be employed to monitor the performance of the BBC besides top-level across the board budget cuts?
  • Should government be more directly involved in selecting how to allocate available funds?

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