LinkedIn is the anti-Groupon

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Description:   Social media sites are not all created equal. LinkedIn’s profits topped estimates while Groupon posted a shocking loss. Source: – video report Date: 03/10/2012 Link: Questions for discussion: Compare the business models for these firms in terms of revenue streams. Which represents the greater risk as a stock investment? Are either overvalued?

Auto Makers Target Indonesia for Expansion

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Description: Indonesia is being embraced as a major expansion market for car manufacturers, but will the country’s infrastructure bottlenecks hinder their progress? WSJ’s Deborah Kan discusses with Eric Bellman. Source: – video report Date: 02/10/2012 Link: Questions for discussion: Describe the connection between corporate investing and government investing in infrastructure? What are the… Read more »

Diamond Foods Debacle May Crack Open a MAC

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Description:  A rare event occurred late on Wednesday in the deal world. Diamond Foods, the seller of Emerald snack nuts, announced it would restate its financial results for two years. It also placed its chief executive, Michael J. Mendes, and its chief financial officer, Steven M. Neil, on administrative leave. Source: Date: 02/09/2012 Link: … Read more »

McDonald’s shows healthy sales growth in U.S. and abroad

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Description:  McDonald’s (MCD) said Wednesday that a key revenue figure climbed 6.7% in January as U.S. customers spent more on breakfast, beverages and its new Chicken McBites. Source: Date: 02/08/2012 Link: Questions for discussion: Summarize the highlights of the report. Do you think McDonald’s strategy for growth will be attractive to investors?

Apple shares near $500-mark

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Description:  It’s hard to take your eyes off Apple Inc. (AAPL-Q495.041.870.38%)these days: The shares hit a new record high of $495 (U.S.) on Thursday, bringing the total gains to about 18 per since the technology company announced stunning quarterly results in January. Source: Date: 02/09/2012 Link: Questions for discussion: Do you agree with… Read more »

Can 2012 redeem the Super Bowl indicator?

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Description:   Wall Street’s ‘Super Bowl indicator’ suggested the Giants’ victory in 2008 was a good omen for the markets. Not so much. Source: – video report Date: 03/03/2012 Link: Questions for discussion: What is the basis of belief in the Super Bowl Indicator? Why would anyone give it credence?

Investing in Foreclosures: How One Company Does It

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Description: Buying foreclosures to turn them into rental properties is tricky business. Mack Companies, a Chicago real-estate firm, invests in about one out of every 40 homes it inspects. MarketWatch’s Amy Hoak looks at why some make the cut and others don’t. Source: – video report Date: 02/03/2012 Link: Questions for discussion: Describe… Read more »

U.S. Stocks Rise a Fifth Week on Employment, Manufacturing Data

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Description:  U.S. stocks rose, giving the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index a fifth straight weekly advance, after reports showed employment in the world’s largest economy topped forecasts and global manufacturing is strengthening. Source: Date: 02/04/2012 Link: Questions for discussion: Why have stocks moved up? Do you think this is the beginning of a… Read more »

Amazon’s Shares Tumble After Sales Miss Estimates: Seattle Mover

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Description: Inc. (AMZN) fell the most in three months after sales missed estimates, signaling that its investments in media services, Kindle devices and shipping promotions have been slow to pay off. Source: Date: 02/01/2012 Link: Questions for discussion: Why did the stock value fall? What does the reason suggest about the profitability… Read more »