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Description: Jim Klinge sighed as he made his way through a foreclosed home littered with empty bottles of rum and mattresses. It was 2008, and Klinge, a real estate agent, was filming a YouTube (GOOG) video for his blog documenting the housing crash in the cul-de-sacs and condos north of San Diego. As he opened a closet, daylight illuminated walls splattered with black mold spores, like a tie-dye project gone awry. “Oh, lovely,” Klinge said. “People were living in here like this, looks like. They were lucky to make it out alive.”


Date: Apr 04, 2013


Questions for Discussions:

  • What does this report say about the housing market?
  • How might investors be expected to respond in the near future if the arguments presented pan out?
  • Do you agree with the anaylsis?

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