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This article gives the reader a basic primer on how to compare auto insurance policies from different providers. It also gives a method to develop your own scorecard for getting the best buy for the money.

Questions for Discussion

  1. Why is it important to find out about the financial strength of insurance companies when purchasing insurance? What major sites can one go to do research?
  2. The article suggests comparing insurance quotes from at least 3 different companies on different policy variables. Why do you think that is important?
  3. What is meant by coverage limits?
  4. What major factors does the article suggest in order to make a score card for service and price. Can you think of others?
  5. Do a search on your current provider and determine which financial strength category does it fall under.
  6. What is a pro and a con for locking in an insurance rate?
  7. When reviewing the fine print of your policies, what additional factors should you look for?
  8. What are some discounts that you can ask for when purchasing an auto policy?

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