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Description: Yes, we hit 11,000. Propaganda. Yes, we’ll quietly sneak past 11,722 (Dow’s 2000 peak). Yes, we’ll happily climb to 14,164 (Dow’s 2007 peak). Maybe. But you’re being conned: Even a new record of 14,165 barely equals CPI inflation the past 10 years. Get it? Wall Street’s lost more than 20% of your money the past decade. Now they’re blowing a new bubble, filled with more toxic costly hot air.

Date: 04/13/2010


Questions for discussion: 

  • Do you agree with the analysis presented?
  • Are there explanations for investors’ “herd-mentality”?
  • What strategy would make sense for an investor if the scenario presented is valid?
  • How do you think corporate financial planners will behave over the next few years?
  • How should they behave, given this analysis?

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