Is Gold the Next Bubble?

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Description:  With gold having run up to record prices of late, some have wondered whether the yellow metal is likely to be the next bubble? Brett Arends discusses. And Peter Lattman profiles C. Dean Metropoulos, an low-profile investor with a knack for rebuilding old brands like Chef Boyardee, Bumble Bee and Schlitz. His most recent… Read more »

Revolution Investing: Don’t Panic

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Description:  The time to get fearful is when other people are greedy, and people are not greedy right now, according to Fox Business anchor Cody Willard, who advises taking the other side of the prevalent, extreme emotions particularly in technology. Source: – video report   Date: 05/25/2010 Link: Questions for discussion: Summarize the… Read more »

Toys ‘R’ Us files $800 million IPO

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Description: Toys “R” Us is seeking to raise $800 million in stock through an initial public offering, hoping to clear some debt from its balance sheet, the company said in a securities filing Friday. Source: Date: 05/28/2010 Link:   Questions for discussion: How does this IPO help the firm? What are the advantages… Read more »

Treasury 10-Year Yield Falls Most in 17 Months on Europe Crisis

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Description:  Treasuries climbed in May, lowering 10-year yields the most since the Federal Reserve dropped interest rates to a record low in December 2008 to spur the economy, on speculation efforts to contain Europe’s debt crisis will slow the global economic recovery. Source:   Date: 05/29/2010 Link: Questions for discussion:  Explain the reasons… Read more »

House Votes to Eliminate Hedge Fund Tax Break

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Description:  The House passed a bill on Friday that would end a tax break for executives of investment funds, leaving hedge funds, private equity firms and venture capitalists scrambling to ease the effects of the bill before it is taken up by the Senate next month. Source:   Date: 05/28/2010 Link: Questions for… Read more »

Euro Hit By German Proposals to Ban Shorts

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Description:  Germany’s unilateral plan to stop short-selling doesn’t look well thought out. Dow Jones Newswires’ Mark Cranfield reports. Source: – video report   Date: 05/19/2010 Link: Questions for discussion: Summarize the positive impact that this ban is expected to have on markets? What negative impact is also possible? Given these considerations, is the… Read more »

Dell profit jumps on strong sales to businesses

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Description: Dell Inc. said Thursday that strong demand from business customers helped drive the PC maker’s profit up 52% in its most recent quarter. Source: Date: 05/20/2010 Link:   Questions for discussion: What does this report suggest about Dell’s future stock value? How can Dell improve growth prospects? Explain why margins are so… Read more »

Treasuries Advance on European Debt Concern, Inflation Outlook

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Description:  Treasuries climbed, pushing the benchmark 10-year note yield to the lowest level in a year, as a drop in stocks, a plunging euro and U.S. data showing a lack of inflation damped investor appetite for higher-yielding assets. Source:   Date: 05/22/2010 Link: Questions for discussion: Summarize the concerns of investors and their… Read more »

Market Edge: Dividend Hike a Healthy Sign

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Description:  Companies that regularly increase their dividend payments are often steady stock picks, according to Don Taylor, manager of Franklin Rising Dividends Fund, who talks with MarketWatch’s Jonathan Burton about the stocks that meet his investment criteria. Source: – video report   Date: 05/17/2010 Link: Questions for discussion: Summarize the thinking about growth,… Read more »

Steve Jobs Makes The Worst Trade Ever

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Description:  Brett Arends tells us about one of the greatest trade blunders ever – a decision by Steve Jobs in 2003 to accept a safer but much lower returning investment in exchange for his 55 million Apple Stock options, now worth nearly $13 billion. Source: – video report   Date: 05/18/2010 Link: Questions… Read more »