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Description:  As Ireland copes with the aftermath of a large property bust, it faces a new wave of emigration but also innovation, as a group of architects band together to create a micro economy. WSJ’s Andy Jordan reports from Dublin.

Source: – video report
Date: 10/12/2010


Questions for discussion:

  • Summarize the analysis presented?
  • How much of Ireland’s economic collapse was due to the real estate bubble alone?
  • What affect did Ireland’s real estate taxes have on investors and the economy in general?
  • What could government regulators have done to mitigate the problems that eventually caused the collapse?
  • Why do you suppose they didn’t respond earlier?
  • What should they do now?
  • How do you see the Irish economy emerging over the next ten years?
  • How different will this scenario be in comparison to other countries such as Spain, Portugal, and Greece?
  • How should investors think of Ireland?
  • How should corporate finance managers think about investing in operations in Ireland?

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