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Description: Once inflation cools off and people are educated about the dietary benefits of Beyond Meat’s plant-based products and their positive impact on the environment, the company could be in good shape. Until then, Beyond Meat is slashing production and other operating expenses and testing retail pricing initiatives as it contemplates new marketing messaging about health and sustainability. Company executives touched on those themes last week while announcing a net loss of $366.1 million in 2022—twice that of 2021’s $182.1 million. On the positive side, Beyond Meat reduced its operating expenses last year from $97.8 million in Q1 to $62.8 million in Q4.


Date: Feb 27, 2023


Questions for discussion:

  • From a financial point of view, how would you characterize the firm and chances for future growth?
  • Would you be a buyer today? Explain your thinking.

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